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January 15, 2021 3 min read 0 Comments

This week, we're exploring Signals from the Universe🪐

In honor of Stephen Hawking's birthday on January 8th, we're taking our own spin on understanding the universe. It's no secret that the universe is studied through math and physics (hello, Hawking☄️) but it's not as often that the universe is studied in esoteric ways such as symbols and signs.

This week we're diving into 10 amazing ways that the Universe sends us messages and some of their interpretations.

It's certainly worth mentioning that we've gotten so used to receiving loud obvious signals - ie notifications, phone calls, email alerts, etc. that it can be really challenging to hear the more subtle signals the come from our intuition, our bodies, and nature or Source. Hence the importance of getting quiet and creating space to tap into the subtle to simply be in the space of active listening. The best way to do that? Meditation of course🤩

  1. Synchronicity⏰  We've all experienced a time when we were thinking of a specific person, and then immediately receive a call, email, or visit from them. This could be a sign from the universe that you're on the right track, and that your thoughts are aligned with the future that is unfolding.
  2. Intuition🧠  Since our subconscious is far more connected with the unknown than we think, our gut feeling can be key to knowing whether something might be right for us at a given time.
  3. Dreams😴  Our minds are particularly good at communicating with us while we're asleep. Some believe, for example, that dreams of pregnancy may symbolize new beginnings, falling can indicate a lack of control in one's life, or being chased might emphasize a situation of avoidance.
  4. Animals and objects in nature🍀  Cardinals, white feathers, rainbows, and more, are thought to be symbols that the Universe sends us through nature to let us know that we're being looked after by angels or loved ones that passed. Pretty neat, huh?
  5. Repeating Numbers🔢  Different sets of numbers such as 111, 222, 333, and so forth, are ****just a few patterns that we can use for reassurance and guidance. These numbers might appear every time you look at the clock, when you see the total amount while shopping, or even on random license plates you see. To find out more about what different number patterns might be trying to tell you, click here.
  6. Finding Pennies💰 Walking down the street and coming across pennies, or any other coins really, are considered to be a sign of good fortune coming your way. We think this how the saying came to be — "find a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck"
  7. Sweet Scents🍯  In various belief systems, experiencing a random sweet smell may be confirmation that your angels are near. These may be scents of sweet food, perfume, or flowers.
  8. Unexpected Alignment🤯  That 'too good to be true' moment, like when a random office change at work ends up sitting you next to your future bff. This is the ultimate signal from above that things are OK, and someone or something greater has your back.
  9. Physical Health🩺  Poor digestion, headaches, or fatigue can all be signs from the universe that it's time to slow down and reevaluate what we've been up to. This is even more of a reason to stay in tune with ourselves and listen to the cues our body gives.
  10. Everything Goes Wrong❌  Seem to get a flat tire (or hitting train delays) each time you're on your way to that one interview? Or you trip and sprain your ankle while walking to your blind date? Sometimes, these accidents are blessings in disguise. Pause the frustration — you never know where the interruptions could lead you!
Jesal Trivedi
Jesal Trivedi

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