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February 15, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

This past week, we celebrated National Inventors Day with me, Founder and CEO of Aduri. 🤠 🥳

On February 11, the US observes National Inventors' Day to recognize past and present inventors as well as their masterpieces, which is actually Thomas Edison's birthday.

I want to tell you the story of how I created Aduri, from the beginning. Having not only developed the earliest prototypes of Cushion but I have thought intentionally about how the rest of Aduri's brand brings mindfulness into the world and our lives.

I found meditation 10 years ago. Back in 2011, due to overworking, stress, and burnout, I collapsed on the floor of my apartment from a panic attack. Though a terrifying experience, I found my first meditation teacher who taught me how I could harness its power and manage my stress and anxiety. Throughout the years, it turned into a journey of introspection and growth.

Now, I started the way most of us do, with meditation apps. And they worked, but they didn't keep me engaged for long enough to be helpful. I spent my time hopping from app to app and those benefits pulled further and further away from me with this inconsistent practice. It's not like you're going to get in shape by going to the gym only when you feel out of shape, which is who many people approach meditation with stress. It has to be consistent.

If there was a way to meditation more engaging and fun, then maybe it might be more enjoyable to do. So I left my job building mobile apps for clients and went to study Interactive Technology at NYU to figure this out.

Driven by this seed of an idea, I began working on Aduri in October 2016, where I began to explore how I could advance the link between a physical product and improving mental wellbeing. it started with a shower curtain draped over a hula hoop on a vibrating platform. I wanted to explore how gentle pulses could be used to help make this practice more engaging so you would be able to get more out of each sit. Fueled by people's excitement with what I was building, I build an extremely talented team around me, and this scrappy looking space ship evolved into a beautiful, elegant cushion that compliments any home.

The goal here is simple. Cushion and our whole system will help become more consistent, so you can step into your power and meet your highest potential. This tech-enabled, beautiful ambient meditation cushion uses gentle pulses to guide breathing and focus is groundbreaking and new to the wellness world. I'm so proud of how far Aduri has come since those early prototyping late nights in the lab and excited for the potential and journey ahead.

I can't wait to go on this journey with all of you.

Jesal Trivedi
Jesal Trivedi

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