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February 28, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

This month, we honored Black History Month by giving a huge shoutout to some of our favorite meditation teachers that deserve some light and shine!

BIPOC people, and specifically black people, have been, and frequently are, underrepresented in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness spaces, especially in the west. While this is, fortunately, changing among many brands, recognizing and celebrating the creators, teachers, and thinkers who help reframe what the wellness community looks like is up to us!

  1. Andrea Russell is an extensively trained yoga instructor that uses her knowledge to lead challenging, fun, and uplifting classes via Youtube, Retreats, and IG Lives. She brings a unique Caribbean vibe and a powerful realness that helps soothe any anxieties you might be feeling. She's taught at Yoga Vida + Sky Ting and was featured by Well + Good.
  2. Isabel Baylor is an amazing yoga teacher and a licensed master social worker. She emphasizes the connection between movement and mental health and does so gracefully. Join her good vibes and practice your yoga skills with her by signing up with Sky Ting.
  3. Cydney Tucker is a fantastic yoga instructor, along with being the founder of Colors Of Ohm; a wellness retreat designed to bridge the gap between people of color, and mindfulness. We love her beaming smile and Katonah yoga influence. She's also a political advocate that uses her voice to speak out against injustice amongst the Black community.
  4. Sofia Araujo is not only an educator for women's health, she is also the founder and director of the Swara Yoga School, which teaches and encourages wellness in many forms such as nutrition, meditation, and of course, yoga. Her Instagram account is the definition of a 'feel-good' page and her smile draws us in every time we click.
  5. James Roberts empowers, encourages, and educates his followers through Instagram Live yoga classes each with special meaning and focus. The classes are free of charge, but he does accept (very deserved) donations at each one.
Jesal Trivedi
Jesal Trivedi

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