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December 14, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments

This week, we're thinking about letting go of stress.

Let's be real, this year has been nothing short of stressful; and it's totally unrealistic to think that at the start of the new year, all sources of stress will magically disappear.

So, if we can't get rid of stress, we can at least figure out how to deal with it when it's happening, and let it go once it's gone.

To begin, you're going to want to start clearing your clutter.

This means the pile of papers on your desk, the unread messages in your inbox, and the scurrying thoughts in your mind.

But how do you tidy up your mind?

Meditation of course🤩

Some basic steps to meditation include finding a quiet, comfy place to sit, closing your eyes, and focusing only on the present. Try counting your breaths, or doing a full-body scan to become entirely aware of yourself.

Once your space is clear, let's get our priorities straight.

Putting yourself first is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. This will look different for everyone; maybe going for a walk or run, cooking a nice meal, or taking a short nap.

The key here is to not feel guilty for taking a break! Taking short breaks during stressful periods is a helpful way to reset your brain before getting back on track.

Making it through stressful situations is no easy feat either. Give yourself credit for making it through tough times, reflect on those moments, and keep track of what helped you most when you were in the thick of it.

Jesal Trivedi
Jesal Trivedi

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