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September 08, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

Let’s face it: life can be...a lot. And somehow, every day, everyone on social media seems to have it all figured out. Constantly digesting that “perfect curated content” can give you some serious mental fatigue (and let’s face it, unrealistic expectations and pressure). To take the edge off, we’ve been mixing things up on our feeds around here with some of our favorite Instagram comics. Countless comic illustrators and cartoonists are taking to Instagram to share their work, offering refreshingly relatable drawings that are a welcome change from the endless stream of the carefully curated stylized life. Here are four of our current favorite cartoon accounts.

Liz and Mollie (@lizandmollie)

The cartoons on this account are created by Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy. Their simple, playful drawings focus on mental health and self-care. They share their very real struggles that we can all relate to. 

Here’s our latest fave: 

This illustration is the perfect example of conditional happiness (a.k.a. “I’ll be happy when” syndrome). It’s a great reminder that it’s not always about the finish line. 

Christine Rai (@yeahitschill)

If you’re looking for an illustrator who tells it like it is, Christine Rai is your girl. Her cartoons speak to the things that everybody is thinking but aren’t typically said out loud. 

Our latest fave: 


The reality is this: being human is hard and there are a lot of emotions for us to process every day. Thank goodness for meditation (which helps us learn to become the observer of our thoughts and feelings). 

Dinos and Comics (@dinosandcomics)

Dinos and Comics - seriously, what’s not to like? The artist behind this series shares comics about depressed dinosaurs who find hope in each other. It’s adorable and self-reflective. 

Our current fave: 

We all know why we’re in this blog to begin with. 

Worry Lines (@worry__lines)

Worry Lines describes their page as “mildly uplifting,” but we’d have to disagree—we think it’sveryuplifting! The cartoons are simple, funny, and oddly comforting. 

Our current fave: 

So. Freaking. Relatable.


The bottom line 

These four cartoons are some of our favorites, but there are so many other good ones out there as well:@introvertdoodles,@poorlydrawnlines,@kaydenhines,@justpeachycomic, and@relatabledoodles are some other ones you should definitely check out. All of these accounts are sure to bring some much-needed joy, realness, and relatability to your Instagram feed. 


Rita Murjani
Rita Murjani

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