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July 06, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

This week we’re considering how practicing consistent habits contributes to building momentum. Malcolm Gladwell, author and noteworthy speaker, shares the simple truth about forming habits:

It’s human nature to be drawn to cyclical behavior. This can be especially challenging when we want to create new habits for ourselves. When building or changing our habits, this can be especially challenging as we must evolve our existing cycles.Committing to good habits is the first step to building momentum.

The best habits usually start with defining your “why”. Write down your motivation for creating your new habit or visualize your own picture of success. Place somewhere you can see it daily, like your mirror, bedside table or fridge.

Next, set a daily goal for yourself. Start small, andmake it so easy you can’t say no. Wake up and tell yourself “I’m going to meditate for one minute today!” 

Once you’ve established your daily goal, try attaching it to an existing routine like your morning workout or brushing your teeth to reinforce through repetition. It can also be helpful to prioritize schedules over deadlines.Consistency > Speed

Finally, keep moving forward!The magic of momentum is that it compounds. It builds on itself. After you’ve mastered the one-minute meditation every day for one week, challenge yourself to do it for two, then five, then ten or twenty!. 

Creating momentum starts with commitment -- you’ve got this!

We’d love to hear from you!

How do you build your inner momentum? What habits are you practicing? How does consistency contribute to building momentum for you? 


📖 Why We Struggle with Consistency, and How to Rethink It (6 mins): In this article, Extraordinary Routines considers our relationship with repetition and how momentum can change it. 

🎥 Atomic Habits (8 mins): Author and speaker, James Clear, shares how consistent habits have the power to result in 1% improvement every day.  


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