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April 27, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

This week, we’re thinking about how music impacts the mind. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, humanitarian, spiritual leader and an ambassador of peace, captured it pretty well:

Ever notice when you change your music it can completely switch up your mood? Feeling slow or sluggish? Play something upbeat! Tired but can’t fall asleep? Try binaural beats. Need to focus? There are entire genres to help you get in your flow!

Music is great for our mind and body. It reduces stress, boosts creativity, and helps manage trauma and depression. Neurologists found that sound’s vibrations throughout our bodies can alter how we perceive pain (physically and mentally). Just think of how you can work out or run for longer with music.

One theory on the benefits of sound hypothesizes that listening to certain frequencies can shift your brainwaves. Sound baths, for example, induce Alpha and Theta brainwave states -- the same states experienced in meditation, well-documented to inspire relaxation and decrease stress.

Music and meditation both open us to a richer emotional experience: They stop our incessant, and often negative, mental chatter, and offer us an opportunity to inhabit the present moment with more intention and meaning.

Sound arrives at our ear literally ALL the time. Sometimes it’s the silence that seems rare. We invite you to notice, really notice, the layers of sound that are present when you listen fully - either to a song (one of your favs or something brand new!) or just to the sounds around you. Notice how listening with open ears, mind, and heart can bring you into presence.

We'd love to hear from you!

Where does music show up in your life? How do you make space to listen fully and intentionally? Have you ever had an emotional experience because of a piece of music?


🎥 Cymatics - Behind the Scenes (2 mins):Cymatics is the coolest thing you’ve never heard of -- the process of visualizing sound and vibrations through matter, like sand or water. Nigel goes behind the scenes of his music videos and explains how we can ‘see’ sound.

📖 Mindfulness, Music Appreciation and Empathy (4 mins):Patrick talks about music as its own language, providing us a way to communicate energy or vibes. Music speaks to our core desires and feelings and is a powerful means through which humans can connect.

📖 Neuroscience Shows Listening to Music Has Similar Effects as Meditation (11 mins):Darin notes that the goal of both music and meditation is to create powerful and positive shifts in our mental state and analyzes their similar effects on our brains and nervous systems.

Mondays: Mindset Mondays w/ Monica Adams (Live)
Every Monday @ 6:30p ET

Take a moment center yourself, set an intention, and frame your week. Every Monday Monica Adams with lead this 20 min LIVE session via Zoom to give your mind and week some much needed structure.



Tuesdays: Guided Meditations w/ Rita Murjani (Live)
Every Tuesday @ 1p ET

Let's help you find some calm. Every Tuesday at 1p, Rita Murjani will lead a 15-min meditation LIVE via Zoom to help you reset and find some balance and focus in your day.



Wednesdays: Immersive Music Meditation (Live)
Every Wednesday @ 6:30p ET

It's the middle of the week! Join Justyn Cruz, one of our Guides and sound design specialist every Wednesday, LIVE via Zoom and let the gentle relaxing vibes transport you into deep relaxation.



SPECIAL EVENT: Thoughtful Thursdays - Live Piano Meditation

This week we're talking music and we got something VERY special lined up for you. We're collaborating with renowned pianist 😍 Colin Huggins (the grand piano guy in Washington Square Park in NYC). Make sure you're following both Aduri and Colin on IG as we'll be doing our live-music mediation session at 5:30p ET!



Rita Murjani
Rita Murjani

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