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April 13, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

This week, we’re thinking about resilience through laughter. Dan Murray-Serter, founder of various mobile companies + angel investor + community builder, hits the nail on the head with this analogy:

Think of a time where laughing about something or [i.e. not taking something so seriously] caused more harm than good? We can‘t either 🙃

Laughter really IS the best medicine - there’s plenty of research to support it. Our immune and cardio systems not only get stronger, but our mood gets a huge boost. That head buzz after a healthy laugh comes from your brain filling with “happy chemicals” or endorphins. Laughing helps oxygen flow freely and increases our ability to manage pain and stress.

Fun fact: As babies, we laugh more than 300 times a day and begin laughing even before we begin to speak. In fact, humans and primates are the only species that are physically capable of laughter 🤯 -- Joy shows how ‘human’ we really are.

Laughter brings people together. Joy is more likely to surface when we’re in good company and feeling connected. Victor Borge was on to something when he said that laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

We'd love to hear from you!

How do you find humor when you’re stressed? Has laughter helped you go and grow through these tough periods? What have you learned most from people who make you laugh?


🎥 Why So Serious? How Laughter Builds Resilience (15 mins): Dan believes the key to success is resilience. He shares stories from his childhood where his father, personal inspiration and hero, consistently laughed and brought joy to others despite managing a business and battling many illnesses. Dan asks, Can laughter build resilience, therefore minimizing stress?

📖 How does laughter strengthen resilience? (4 mins): Lisa connects laughter and resilience through the lens of nurturing ourselves and fostering community. She even coined the term ‘laughsilience’!


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Rita Murjani

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