Reflecting on The Power of Solitude

This week, we’re thinking about The Power of Solitude. Afghan-American author and public speaker, Tamim Ansary, said it best:

As we sit at home in isolation, it's hard to wrap our minds around what actually is happening and how uncertain the short term is for all of us as the world grapples with COVID19. But being forced into isolation also presents an opportunity to become comfortable with being alone.

Human, by nature, are social creatures, and 'being alone' tends to be viewed as 'strange' and with suspicion. But this isn't true. Science shows that solitude can be a powerful driver for reflection, productivity, independence, and discovery love for others. It's through solitude where you can experience the largest jumps in growth and development through understanding yourself.

Before our quarantine situation, when was the last time you were intentionally alone? What are some of the things you've valued most in your time of solitude?

A few things for you to click on:

🎥 The Power Of Solitude (5:30)

🎥 9 Benefits of Spending Time Alone (4:00)

That's all for this week! Please stay healthy, safe. Use this time of uncertainty and isolation as an opportunity for reflection and self-discovery.

Travel gently my friend,

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