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May 06, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

Welcome to this edition of the Weekly Circle—where we start the week with a few ideas that make us think.

This week, we’re thinking about Yin and Yang. Author C. JoyBell C. said it beautifully,

The dance between darkness and light will always remain - the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will but not be worth having without the moon and the stars.

Yin and Yang literally mean shadow and light, respectively. Rooted in Taoism, the Yin and Yang symbol is a guideline to live in a fluid state of harmony with nature. Energy (yang) needs recovery (yin). Speaking (yang) needs listening (yin). Being aware of the type of energy you have helps your understanding of what other activities you must bring in to restore the relative balance of harmonious life.

We'd love to hear from you!

What does the Yin and Yang symbol mean to you? How could it change the way you approach your life?

A few things for you to click on:

🎥  A different way to visualize Yin and Yang - A new way to visualize Yin and Yang. very cool illustrations!

📖  How do we find order out of chaos? - Embracing certainty to find fluidity.

🎥  Jordan Peterson on Yin and Yang - Author Jordan Peterson discusses the reality of Yin and Yang.

That's all! Wishing you all a week to find some harmony and your Yin to your Yang.


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