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You have your own reasons, intentions and aspirations that inspires the start or continuation of your meditation journey.

We will help you get there.

Whether you need some more focus, calm, compassion, energy or motivation to help get you through your day, you will always find the perfect session to #DropIn to.


Guided Meditations





Circles is Aduri's approach to community-based meditation. 

We know that we are more likely to stick with things like diets, exercise and meditation if our friends are doing it with us. We've designed Circles to not only help build accountability with your practice, but to also make it more fun and engaging.



Unlimited access to our ever-expanding content library

Guided sessions from 5 to 30 minutes

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Meet some our the Aduri guides.

Aduri guides come from various meditation practices to provide so you get the best tools from each modality. We’re always expanding our content library so you will regularly find new sessions to #DropIn to.

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Monica Adams

Monica is a neuro-hacking meditation teacher. She has a background in neurolinguistics and has shared the stage with thought leaders like Eric Thomas, Alexi Panos, and Peter Voogd. She was named "100 Awakened Women To Follow in 2018”


Rita Murjani

Rita is a former investment banker turned yoga and meditation teacher. She’s inspired by Katonah Yoga®, her Indian heritage, and embodied presence in her own life. She teaches yoga at Equinox and SkyTing, guides meditation sessions for corporates throughout NYC, and hosts retreats around the world.


Justyn cruz

Justin has 15 years of audio engineering, meditation music production and content development experience, drawing from his foundational expertise in linking neuroscience, sound production and music therapy.