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Elevate your mind.

The Aduri cushion is designed to give you a personalized, immersive meditation experience from home.

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The power of calm and balance through vibrations.

Gentle vibrations from the Aduri cushion, paired with our original content, guide your breathing and focus in your meditation session, restoring your sense of peace, balance and control.

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Meditation cushions have been used in the practice for thousands of years. Its ability to provide a space for your practice, give you ergonomic support and seamlessly fit into your home.

The Aduri cushion is designed with a unique recycled molded foam that is dense yet soft. The result is an extremely supportive, yet comfy cushion, regardless of sitting position.


Feel good. Do good. Be good.


Battery Powered

Sustainable Design

Machine Washable


Intelligent notifications

Biometric Integration


Try the Aduri Cushion. Feel the calm.