We help you become a consistent, engaged meditator.

Live studio meditation sessions at home. Ready when you are. 

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Meditation helps us reveal our full potential.

But meditation is a hard practice, which is why we've developed the world's first connected and personalized meditation system designed to help you become a more consistent, engaged meditator.


Focus With Ease

Our multi-sensory system is designed to help you focus and make the best from each meditation session.

Learn From the best

We've selected the best meditation teachers in various disciplines to teach and guide you through your journey.

Meditate Live With friends

Join your friends and meditate together with our signature live meditation sessions.

Where We've Been

How It Works

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select and sit

Select an upcoming LIVE or on-demand meditation session and sit down on your connected, multi-sensory cushion.


Focus, Relax and be present

Your teacher will guide you along with gentle vibrations, aromas, and lights, all working together to help you relax and focus.


Reflect and connect

Review your results, time spent in a meditative state and connect share your experience with your friends who also joined.