meditation practice. Amplified.

Smart meditation cushion that amplifies, tracks and improves your practice.


Rethinking Meditation Practice


Sessions on Your Time

Our range of on-demand sessions whenever is right at your fingertips.


Travel Friendly

Take Prana wherever your wanderlust travels take you.

Designed for Meditation

Our pod is specifically designed for proper Lotus position.


Visualize Your Progress

Connect wearables to track your biometric data and improve.

Remain focused

Our multi-sensory tech helps you get the most from your practice.


Responsible Materials

We will never use materials harmful for the environment.

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introducing prana

Immersive. Responsive. Smart.

 Escape all your daily pressures and finally feel empowered and in control. We are revolutionizing how meditation is taught and learned with one of the oldest tools used in meditation practice...the meditation cushion. Prana, meaning life force in Sanskrit, is designed to help amplify, track and improve your meditation practice.


Boost your ability to maintain high levels of concentration for longer periods using our patent-pending multi-sensory technology. Augment mantra-based meditations -- the cushion will vibrate along with your voice, immersing you into a experience unlike any other.


Things that get measured get done. Integrate with your favorite wearables (Apple Watch, FitBit, etc.) to track all of your biometric data and see the amazing progress you have been able to achieve in your meditation journey. 


Tracking will push you to be more attuned to your inner-self. Your practice will consistantly multiply, improving your state of mind and ability to handle stress and anxiety.


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