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See Your Progress Through Meditation Skills

Ever wonder if you’re ‘doing it right’? Aduri makes it simple to see your progress by breaking meditation down into easily understandable, trainable skills. Spend more time practicing and honing your skills to unlock the next steps of your journey. PS. doing it IS doing it right 😌

Music x Meditation = Vibes

Aduri harnesses the unique power of sounds designed to reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance sleep. Relying upon decades of scientific research, the Aduri library exhibits a blended collection of organic, musical, and atmospheric frequencies you can’t find anywhere else. Imagine opening up the ability to soothe, invigorate, and rejuvenate yourself, so you return back to the world at your very best, everytime.

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Meet Your Guides

Our guides draw from their own diverse histories, backgrounds, and experiences to offer a broad range of techniques suited for different practitioners. We encourage exploration, so drop in with a few and see who works best for you.

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