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sit down, drop in, chill out.

finally, meditation you'll stick with.

Designed to guide and build your practice so you can tap into your greatest potential.


Āduri Cushion: Your Personal Meditation Teacher

Sit Comfortably

Designed with supreme comfort in mind.

Deep Immersion

Gentle dynamic vibrations guide breathing and focus.

Stay accountable

Stay accountable to your practice with your friends.

Build your habit

Designed to help build a consistent practice.


Āduri Premium: Original, Unique Meditation Content

Expert Mediation Guides

Sometimes, all you need is a guide to remind you to show up. Follow along with our expert meditation guides to stay inspired and centered. Our diverse instructors bring their personal stories and meditation expertise to keep your practice fresh and inspiring.

Immersive Music + Soundscapes

Our sound design and music production team has over 15 years of experience crafting immersive soundscapes, music and ambient environments. Allow us to take you to another world.

On Demand Sessions

#DropIn and listen to high-quality sessions recorded from our NYC studio. We're adding new sessions regularly so you'll never get bored.

Personalized for You

All of this content means nothing unless it works with you. Our AI algorithm curates content in our library to recommend sessions we're confident you'll love based on your intention and previous sessions.

Āduri (sanskrit आदुरि adj.) - mindful

Being 'mindful' sits at the core of our company. It flows into everything we touch: the partners we work with, the materials we use, and how we think about accessibility.

We believe that together, we can build a better world through mindfulness.

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