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Make your intention known.

Many of you have shared your excitement with us and we have been truly humbled. We believe what we are building with Aduri has the power to make the world happier and healthier.


What You Get

Amongst being the very first early adopters on our platform, you will get:

- 40% discount FOR LIFE for our PREMIUM content subscription

- Play an integral role in product and content development

- Be listed as an "Mindful Innovator" on our website

Join studio meditation classes from the comfort of your home.

Meditate Anytime

Start or end your day with live and on‑demand session led by world‑reknown teachers.


Meditate with your friends all over the world and connect with them using our Aduri app.


Enjoy a ergonomic, comfortable cushion, gentle vibrations and customizable settings.

Meditate Informed

Track your progress with in‑depth metrics, and plan meditation commitments to reach your goals.



The Aduri Connected Cushion is similar to a traditional zabuton, a padded cushion which you can place your own cushion upon. We are designing it so you can sit in the way where are the most comfortable, whether you are sitting in Burmese, Lotus or Kneeling.

Target Specifications

  • Size: 20-25 inches
  • Weight: 7-10 lbs
  • Material: Super soft and sustainable hemp-based fabric
  • Cushion: Supportive foam-based cushion insert
* We appreciate your patience and support. We will be able to solidify specifications/options in mid to late 2018.

The Science

Haptic Therapy

According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, gentle haptic pulses "revealed significant reduction in the cortisol levels". Cortisol is your stress response hormone, that spikes when you are stressed out, and are known to cause harmful long-term effects to your health. In our preliminary tests, haptic pules have shown to induce a deep state of meditative focus, which can have a lasting impact on your meditation journey. 


Meditative State

Our patent-pending cushion uses some pretty cool tech to help you detect how effective you are at meditating, giving you critical feedback on how to improve your practice. We are conducting further research with some brilliant experts and leaders in the field and will be updating you on how we progress with this research. We're committed to delivering the best product for you.

Stay in the Loop

Keep in touch with us. You will have FIRST ACCESS to our content, discounts and everything in between as we continue on our journey to make the world happier and healthier. 

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