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Unleash your mind’s potential.

We make meditation more fun, engaging and modern so you can feel and do your best.

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 What if you could 10x the power of your mind?

Mindfulness and meditation is a powerful practice that can help you:


Reduce Stress

Increase FOCUS

Gain COnfidence

Grow Self-awareness

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Meditation meets Vibration.

The Aduri cushion is the world’s first haptic vibrating cushion that pairs with our original meditation content in the Aduri app. #DropIn and experience the most immersive meditation experience from your home.

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How it works



Try the Aduri Cushion and content subscription for 30 days. No strings attached.

Connect the Aduri App

Download the Aduri app, connect to the Aduri cushion, select a guided session, music or soundscape and #DropIn to a session.

Elevate your Mind

Ignite your mind's potential in the comfort of your own space. Bring mindfulness home.

Successfully crowd-funded.

Learn more about Aduri cushion and app in the video that helped us get over 100% funded on Kickstarter.

#DropIn with the Aduri App

Our app not only gives you access to our high-quality guided meditations, music and soundscapes, but also allows you to connect with others, view your progress and much, much more.

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Aduri (sanskrit आदुरि adj.) - mindful

Being 'mindful' sits at the core of our company ethos and flows into everything we touch: the partners we work with, the materials we use, and how we think about giving back.

We believe that together, we can build a better world through mindfulness.

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Original Content. Personalized.

All our content is crafted by our curated team of accomplished meditation teachers and sound designers and personalized for you.


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